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The Story of Apollo

{The AstroSphere Games.}

"The AstroSphere Explorers trailing 2 points to 3 in the the 79th minute. Apollo charges down field into a clearing, the center passes him the ball. Then it happened. The Captain goes down. A slide tackle gone wrong brings Apollo to the turf, the medical staff rushes onto the field as cards are issued. His leg was fucked, there was no way he could finish the game. Ushered off the field on a stretcher, it was up to the others to continue the hunt for victory. Some were fueled in rage, but the majority had lost their momentum. 88, 89, 90 minutes. Game over..." Read the rest of the story and follow Apollo's path to victory in our Discord.

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  • Phase 1

    Community Growth

    Growth of our AstroSphere community while finalizing the development of our genesis collection, the AstroSphere Players. The AstroSphere Gaming DAO (holders ONLY) will be have access to exclusive tournaments, larger prize funds, partnerships, and leagues.

  • Phase 2

    Apollo 3T.

    Tournaments and Game Nights catered to both ends of the gaming spectrum! From competitive tournaments to casual game nights, holders gain the ability to our Play to Earn events to win SOL, NFTs, and other prizes! A majority of events held exclusively for DAO members / partners and an occasional open house (free entry).

  • Phase 3

    Tokenomics & Staking.

    Stake your AstroSphere Players. Our token can be held or traded to enter into NFT raffles, buy exclusive merch, or enter paid tournaments for a chance at large payouts.

  • Phase 4

    Compounding Collections.

    Apollo isn't just scouting Players for his team. He's forming a dynasty, and is searching for loyal Players for his team. Avoid the free agency market... to be announced...

  • Phase 5

    Collectibles + Merch.

    AstroSphere NFT owners will have access to exclusive physical collectibles/merchandise! Stay tuned for more information! Future Phases developing soon.